High Tec Industrial, Inc.

With a combined experience of over 60 year of engineering, programming, machining and inspection experience, our team can provide your shop, department or company with the solutions you need to be competitive in the global manufacturing environment. Welcome to High Tec Industrial Inc.

This, combined with our years of in-the-trenches experience, allows HTI to not only provide you with your software solution, but to implement it into your business structure, plan for future needs and provide tech support and contractual assistance when required. Check out our Services section.

With software and application experience covering the entire manufacturing process, we can support your needs from napkin sketches to full 5axis on-machine inspection and reporting systems. View our full offering of cutting edge software solutions at our Products page.

With all the products and services HTI now supports, along with our ever expanding manufacturing and engineering ventures, we wish to recognize our core product, the ProbeDriver system, as still being our focal point. ProbeDriver was the first in CAM programming for the Machine Tool Probe almost 11 years ago, and now with ProbeDriver 5axis, is the first to allow full 5axis inspection of complex parts in an on-machine environment. For customers, this results in immense cost savings in manual inspection, tracker, laser and CMM time. More information.... All of this now culminates into HTI's latest offering; Virtual Operator, a combination of hardware, software, applications and training bringing to bare all of HTI's experience on flexible Light Out process control for everything from one-off's to large production runs. Check back to our site or contact us for the latest!

The Customers Voice

“Our company recently purchased a Renishaw probe for our Matsuura 510v mill. The support we received was extremely helpful in getting the project we purchased it for up and running.

The people from HTI were very friendly and went out of their way to help out in every aspect.”

Eric Chebby] Programmer, Addison Precision, Rochester, New York