CNC Reporter


Too many quality management systems relay on final inspection, after value has been added, to determine a parts acceptance.   We believe if you control the manufacturing process you guarantee the outcome of that process.

CNC Reporter-Real Time is a process monitoring application that allows probing data to be streamed directly from the CNC machine to the PC in real time. Additional performance data can also be captured to enhance reports with information such as Cycle Time, Part Change Time and Elapsed Time.    

CNC Reporter basic features include:

  • Supports Renishaw Inspection Plus, Renishaw Productivity Plus and HTI ProbeDriver products.
  • Real-Time data collection through all supported machine I/O ports.
  • Sequential acquisition of Sample data.
  • Instant and automatic generation of inspection reports for all Samples.
  • Feature tracking
  • One-button creation SPC capability charts for all Feature, all samples.
  • Standard RAG (Red, Amber, Green) charts for 30,000 ft overview of samples.
  • Automatic, definable, Excel backups for archiving and sharing.
  • Background export to SQL database for indepth analysis.
  • Data Manager detailed analysis application included.
  • Install with easy-to-learn and customizable Microsoft Excel platform.  
  • Export SPC data in standard .csv format.  

Why CNC Reporter and not a Formal SPC system?

  1. Data collected from the CNC provides critical process checks such as tool deflection, thermal drift, part loading & fixture repeatability, pallet repeatability and sequential sample inspect that are not normally found with off-machine inspection

  2. Low investment and shortWith CNCR’s initial investment being minimal in comparison to main-steam metrology products, and multi-seat costs being in the hundreds of dollars, not thousands, the product becomes a simple cost justification.

  3. Plug & Play. With machine-to-PC communication setup or a DNC system in place, CNCR takes 15-30 minutes to setup andAt this point of configuration CNCR is now capable of capturing, archiving and analyzing with only a part number required. There is never a requirement to parse incoming data or create special part-specific templates.      

  4. Easy toIn 30 minutes a new user will have all the basic skills needed to utilize CNCR and all data will be captured for more advanced analysis as more skill is gained. A typical user will need 2 hours class time and a few weeks experience to become proficient.  

  5. Feature and Process based analysis. An industry-unique feature that gives CNCR users the ability to analyze samples at a Feature level and at a Process level therefore providing tools for both the Machinist and QC individual. All data is managed in local or network SQL databases.

  6. G code to SQL…we handleHTI Inc. and its partners are staffed with those unique craftsmen that virtually every shop would like to hire. With each individual having 20+ years of experience in machining, CNC operations, programming, engineering, software developers, applications, metrology, macro-b, DNC, and communication, you’re getting the best of the best and a commitment to see your application through to success.  

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The Customers Voice

 “…The other great thing about ProbeDriver is that it runs inside my CAM system, I don’t have to “learn” another program…”

 Randy Smith] Applications, Magnum Precision Machines, Albuquerque, New Mexico