We are, and have been, a full service Renishaw Distributor Integrator (RDI) for the past decade plus.   We handle sales and support for the Renishaw Machine Tool and Calibration product lines, preforming complete hardware integrations and support for OEM-provided systems.  

We have extensive knowledge of the Haas platforms utilizing the WIPS option and have worked with Renishaw to create an upgrade path from the default OMP40 probe and OTS Tool Setter to the more robust strain gage version; the OMP400 along with an independent option for the NC4 Laser tool setter and BTD device.  

Additionally we provide sale and support for the following Renishaw software applications:

  • Inspection and Inspection Plus MACRO software for lathes, mills and MT’s.
  • Productivity Plus for both GibbsCAM and Mastercam
  • Renishaw AE Pro (Productivity Plus standalone).
  • Renishaw’s version of CNC Reporter

Finally we support all end users under the Renishaw Repair By Exchange (RBE) program, regardless where the hardware was purchased.   If your unfamiliar with the RBE program, give us a call and we’ll explain why nothing in the industry comes close!


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The Customers Voice

 “…The other great thing about ProbeDriver is that it runs inside my CAM system, I don’t have to “learn” another program…”

 Randy Smith] Applications, Magnum Precision Machines, Albuquerque, New Mexico