The original “CAM for your Renishaw probe”!

ProbeDriver is an application available for many CAM platforms, as a plug-in or integrated solution, that provides the user functionality for developing probing G-code for the industry-standard Renishaw Inspection Plus platform.

ProbeDriver basic features and benefits:

  • Supports industry-standard Renishaw Inspection and Inspection Plus software platforms.
  • Following Renishaw standards makes customer integration quick and simple.
  • Model-based programming ensures correct nominal targets to probe.
  • Integrated support for CNC Reporter metrology software.
  • Removes the need for Programmers to understand Macro-B logic, while still providing an interface for advanced user to create custom logic and insert directly to program.  
  • Posts easy-to-understand G code increasing Operator confidence.
  • All XYZ motion posted in Protected Positioning.
  • Create setup, process gaging, inspection or health checking from the same application.
  • Post processors for all major platforms: Fanuc, Haas, Mazak, Siemens, Okuma, Mitsubishi, Mori Seiki and Makino.
  • Independent from CAM post processing.  
  • Support; With ProbeDriver and HTI, you get one of the most recognized teams of probing/metrology experts in the industry. From G-code to SQL…we handle it!

Why ProbeDriver?

  • Cost effective and capitalizes on your Programmers current knowledge of their CAM system and Renishaw Inspection Plus.
  • ProbeDriver was originally developed in 1997 as an internal support application and made its way to the industry at large in 2001, years before anyone else.
  • ProbeDriver has been the template for many other CAM industry attempts at probing.

What product levels is ProbeDriver available in?

ProbeDriver 3axis

    1. Application: 3axis VMC or HMC applications
    2. All basic 2 ½ axis I+ cycles supported
    3. I+ XYZ Vector
    4. HTI Multi-point Bore/Boss
    5. HTI Hole Analysis

ProbeDriver Index

    1. Application: 4axis HMC w/ pallet changer
    2. Application: 5axis VMC w/ dual rotary or trunion
    3. All 3axis functions supported.
    4. When support for View or MFG Datum programming is needed.

ProbeDriver 5axis

    1. Application: 5axis Nutating/Tilt Head machines
    2. All 3axis and Index function supported.
    3. Supports all HTI 5axis probing functionality.
    4. Advanced 5axis posts
    5. Multi axis retract

ProbeDriver M/T

    1. Coming Soon.

ProbeDriver Lathe

    1. Application: 2axis Lathe
    2. This application is a stand-alone
    3. Supports standard Renishaw Lathe probing, original and current.


The Customers Voice

“Our company recently purchased a Renishaw probe for our Matsuura 510v mill. The support we received was extremely helpful in getting the project we purchased it for up and running.

The people from HTI were very friendly and went out of their way to help out in every aspect.”

Eric Chebby] Programmer, Addison Precision, Rochester, New York